Air-Cosmos – Mauboussin aircraft carried by the breath of zephyr

Article Summary

A historic brand

Founded in the 1930s, Mauboussin Aircraft is one of the first companies to have powered glers. Now led by David Gallezot, the company is reviving a glorious past.

The Alerion M1h

In order to reconnect with its glorious past, Mauboussin Aircraft develops the Alérion M1h. This new aircraft model will be designed as a lightweight, low-wing, tandem-shaped two-seater. In addition, the latter will be mainly composed of materials of natural origin.

Zephyr propulsion

In addition, a new two-engine hybrid propulsion model is planned for the Alérion M1h. This model provides for two engines. First, the thermal-electric motorization, which provides a power of 80 kW. Second, Zephyr propulsion offers propulsion power between 100 and 150hp.  Through this model, the company wants to develop a range of engines of various powers, certified Aesa. Subsequently, these engines can be used in different environments (drones, boats, light ground vehicles, etc.).

Many partners

In order to develop this hydrogen propulsion, Mauboussin Aircraft relies on the help of various partners. These include the Belfort Montbéliard University of Technology (UTBM), the Femto ST Institute.  In addition, Bpifrance Bank supports the Zephyr programme. 

Future development

David Gallezot has set several goals in the development of this engine. The design of a “ground” demonstrator is planned for 2021. Flight tests will not begin until 2025.  Eventually, the Alérion M1h will have a cruising speed of 250km/h with 600 km of range. Like tesla with its super chargers, Mauboussin wants to offer a charging and charging device.  


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