Eco-designed and responsible hangar/”green factory”

Avions Mauboussin plans to build an eco-designed and responsible hangar/”green factory” on the Belfort-Chaux airfield. 🛩
◾️The structure will be made from locally sourced wood from sustainably managed forests. 🌳🌲
◾️The insulation will be made of bio-sourced materials (wood fiber, hemp, rice straw). 🍃🌾
◾️Its roof will be vegetated and flat (slightly inclined to evacuate water), composed of creeping plants that do not need irrigation (regulation of rainwater). 🌱💧

📷 © Avions Mauboussin

AVIONS MAUBOUSSIN Avions à propulsion hybride et hydrogène, à atterrissages et décollages courts répondant aux exigences de la mobilité moderne