Info Pilote – Mauboussin aircraft believes in hydrogen

Founder and Technical Director of Mauboussin Aircraft

Putting energy efficiency at the service of the environment

It was in 2011 that David Gallezot, a graduate of Polytechnique and Supaéro, redeployed the Mauboussin Avions brand. Previously the brand was an emblem in the 1930s. In order to perpetuate its emblematic side, David Gallezot decides to take back the values of the brand and adapt them to our time. Modernizing Pierre Mauboussin’s vision, the company now relies on two axes: technology and the environment. 

The Alerion M1h

Thus, in connection with this strategy, Mauboussin Aircraft developed the Alerion M1h. This new model blends advanced techniques with respect for the environment. A hybrid-powered engine and naturally sourced materials will be used for its design. 


In order to follow the progress of this new model, a team of experts has been set up within the Asea. In addition, Mauboussin Aircraft surrounds itself with partners such as the Belfort Montbéliard University of Technology. This partnership aims to develop the famous hydrogen-powered engine.

A promising future

Mauboussin aircraft foresees two important deadlines. Initially, the company will begin designing a prototype in 2021. Subsequently, the M1h should be able to take off in 2022, crossing at a speed of 250 km/h for a range of 600 km.