L’Est Républicain – Flying with a hybrid "cuckoo"

The Doubien David Gallezot is launching a hybrid two-seater project in composite materials at the Techn’Hom in Belfort, in conjunction with the university.

Originally from SanceyleGrand and passionate about aviation, David Gallezot has long had the idea of creating his own plane. Coming from Polytechnique and
from Supaéro, he has just moved to the Techn’Hom in Belfort to make his dream come true: “I created the company Avions Mauboussin in 2011, after having re-deposited the brand that had fallen into the public domain. This name, linked to jewellery, was also associated with an aviation company created in 1928 by Pierre Mauboussin. He is a bit like the father of responsible aviation, with an efficient aircraft
aerodynamically and with low engine power. I’m following this philosophy, with a two-seater in a hybrid and composite materials version. »

An academy of aviation

His arrival in Belfort is a return to his French roots: “I took part in the Skylander aircraft project in 2010 after twelve years at
Thales in Bordeaux, then created AircraftManship, a design and airworthiness office. After re-launching the Mauboussin brand, I
closer to Belfort in 2017 to work better with the UTBM. The Ergonomics, Design and Mechanical Engineering Department in Montbéliard
has been working on design since 2016. I am in contact with the Energy and Industrialization department in Belfort and the Mechanical Engineering department in Sevenans. And
I set up my hybrid propulsion test bed at the FC Lab. “This translates into conventions, with students working on a set topic, as part of an innovative industrial project that also includes ESTA (Ecole supérieure des technologies et des affaires). Avions Mauboussin also employs five trainees. “For me, it’s a bit like an aviation academy,” explains David Gallezot. Labeled “Vehicle of the Future”, the project aims for a first flight test in 2020, kit sales in 2021 and industrial marketing from 2022 with around sixty sales per year. This is how airplanes will be built in the land of trains and cars…

François Zimmer


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